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    Vegetarian New Year’s Eve Menu Ideas

    I’m at home in Los Angeles, vaccinated, boosted, happy to be alive and absolutely exhausted — frazzled and shattered in ways I didn’t even know I could be. What a year. I’m not going to a party tomorrow, but I’ll celebrate with my husband, a couple of friends, two good dogs in silly hats and a big dinner at home. I live for this stage of the menu planning, when every single future, in every possible combination, is still possible. I was thinking we’d start with a round of cocktails (see below!) and a few snacks on the  

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    13 Easy Appetizer and Main Course Ideas

    Cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner can be a testing time for anyone. The enormous turkey will be the official star of the show on November 25 but—whisper it—many people are more interested in savoring an array of delicious appetizers and side dishes. Here Newsweek has collected some super-easy ideas for Thanksgiving entrées and accompaniments. 1. Brie, Cranberry and Camembert Pastry The GG Sisters have shown how to make a Thanksgiving appetizer using just four ingredients. Take a packet of store-bought croissant party, roll it out, cut it into bite-sized squares and press into a muffin tin. Next, place a cube  

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    26 easy appetizer ideas to make for Thanksgiving and the holidays

    One of the best parts of the holiday season (in addition to giving thanks and being with loved ones, of course), is the appetizers. With plenty of family gatherings and dinners with friends, everyone needs to enter this wonderful time of year equipped with a few easy dishes to prep the tastebuds for the meals ahead. Whether you’re hosting an intimate December dinner or going to a family member’s for Thanksgiving, TODAY Food has rounded up some of our best Thanksgiving appetizers and holiday hors d’oeuvres. From hot, cheesy dips for game day to elegant crostini and accessible finger foods  

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    3 fresh fruit dessert ideas to try for backyard party

    I was recently relaxing in the backyard at a friends’ house with after-dinner drinks when our hostess popped out the back door bearing a platter of what looked, for a moment under the fairy lights, like pizza. But no, it was watermelon wedges drizzled with something creamy and white, flecked with macadamia nuts and scattered with mint. It was beautiful. And it was a delicious surprise that pretty well floored me. Seconds were immediately necessary, even though I wasn’t remotely hungry.  What was this wonder, and how did it come about?  Joe Merchanthouse is a chef we’re fortunate to call  

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    50 best July 4th recipes and food ideas of 2021

    What do you serve at a Fourth of July party? Whether it’s a smaller gathering or a big backyard cookout, it’s best to have all bases covered. This means preparing some savory finger foods for guests to snack on upon arrival, a variety of salads (many of which are easy to make ahead), barbecue (one of the most popular Fourth of July foods) and, of course, dessert. And with scorching summer temperatures, it’s always great to serve some refreshing beverages for folks of all ages to enjoy in addition to your holiday cocktails. To celebrate our country’s Independence Day, here  

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    10 Simple Dinner Ideas for Healthy Eating in Real Life

    You may think that preparing healthy, delicious dinners at home is a complicated process, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Even though I love food and enjoy cooking, I like to keep it simple when it comes to mealtime. This means choosing recipes that are easy to follow and don’t involve complicated cooking techniques or seemingly never-ending steps. Here are 10 of my go-to simple dinner recipes that can help you get a healthy meal on the table quickly. Sweet potatoes are loaded with beneficial nutrients like beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber  

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    20 Summer Potluck Ideas – The New York Times

    It’s time for park picnics and backyard potlucks, and, for obvious reasons, our staff is excited for the outdoor hang more than ever this year. And, whether it’s something sweet (Rice Krispies treats loaded with chocolate and pretzels, peach cobbler, plum torte) or savory (deviled eggs, Chinese dumplings, fried chicken), one of their favorites is bound to please everybody at your gathering. So load up your picnic basket and celebrate by sharing one of our favorite dishes with your loved ones — who will surely ask you to pass along the recipe. I think Kwan Bellhouse’s chicken larb (or Hetty  

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